So what's in the chrysalid in Ada's final cinematic? *spoilers*

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The cinematic that plays after you finish listening to the recorded jabbering about Carla doing experiments and concluding with something along with "finally my finest work yet".

With the Chrysalid placed in the center of the room there, and listening to that previous recording, I fully expected some kind of boss to pop out of that Chrysalid, not to see Ada kill it in a cinematic without even seeing what comes out.
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We don't know, it's really anyone's guess. Here's my speculation from an older thread, though:

I don't think Carla was comparing it to Haos. It doesn't have to be some perfect monster to be her greatest creation ever. I think that scene was meant to be the definitive end to Carla and Simmons involvement.

The video at the end of Ada's campaign shows Carla demanding that they kidnap random people from the streets. It then showed her confronting the man who turned her into an Ada clone. He begged her to "please don't do this" and she responded that she said the same thing, supposedly alluding to her mercy pleas when they forced her to become a clone. Immediately after it shows her next to a cocoon. This is similar to Simmons' work into duplicating Ada, they experimented on tons of people before they found a suitable match.

We weren't shown who it was, but the process was similar to how Carla was produced, which would mean it's human for the most part. Carla may have been messed in the head after Simmons turned her into Ada, but she was still in love with him. Yet he betrayed her. It'd make sense if her greatest creation was doing what Simmons did with her; create her own version of him that would reciprocate her love. He'd be pathetically weak compared to the likes of Haos, but he'd still be her greatest creation ever in her mind.

I didn't take it as "Carla made a super being to carry on her work", but as a statement about the love triangle between Ada, Simmons and Carla. Ada rejected Simmons, so he obsessively created a clone of her that was his own. Carla loved Simmons, but he didn't love her for Carla, but for Ada. This could have led her to do the same thing, which is why Ada is disgusted, it's a sin against nature.

Haos' cocoon was significantly larger than the other chrysalid. The cocoon that her greatest creation hatched out of was small, similar in size to the one that she hatched out of. Its creation was also similar to hers, a dark room with men observing its completion and its creator watching over it and expressing joy.

At first, her main goal was to collapse Simmons' perfect world. It is not until after her transformation that she began talking about being the queen of a new world. It may have been her goal all along (as she treated her C-virus creations with kindness, considering them equals, pets, or children), but her primary motivation was to exact revenge against Simmons. When she began talking about her perfect world, her mind had already crumbled beyond recognition and she considered herself to be Ada while the true one was a fake even though earlier in the game, she recognized the fact that she was not the real deal when she disguised herself as Simmons and spoke to Ada via the cube phone. Her mind had fused with her Ada personality and it had become so messy after her transformation that I wouldn't consider anything she said to be very reliable.

Her greatest creation seems to have been created before the events of 6. If it was Simmons, she probably wanted her own version of him while being able to still exact her revenge on the real one. Yes, this would have been hypocritical of her, but the two were pretty childish in general. Simmons created an Ada because he couldn't have the real one. Carla wanted to destroy the world because it would have had the biggest impact on Simmons.

No, it doesn't have to be. A Simmons clone all her own may not be impressive compared to her other creations, but it would be to her. She was likely not trying to compare it to her other creations. Besides, maybe she perfected the process and was able to complete a perfect clone that would not regress to its previous personality.
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It's left to be ambiguous or left to the imagination of the player but I'd agree with siberian142 as that appeared to be her most desirable goal as even a queen of a new world needs a king to stand by her side. Carla most likely perfected the chrysalid cloning technique with that final pod and had Ada not destroyed it, it would have caused severe repercussions for the rest of the world.
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I thought it was another Carla actually, but if that's what it was.. I didn't think of it.
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G1ingy posted...
With the Chrysalid placed in the center of the room there, and listening to that previous recording, I fully expected some kind of boss to pop out of that Chrysalid, not to see Ada kill it in a cinematic without even seeing what comes out.

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god...what a stupid ass motive...
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