i enjoyed the game O.o

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User Info: LeftiesRule

3 years ago#11
Stradivarius16 posted...
This is my first RE game and I quite enjoyed it. Is there something wrong with me? Or for long time fans do you guys mind giving a few reasons why this game suk'd for you?

There's nothing wrong with you, but you should try 4&5. I liked 6 better than 5, but I thought 4 was better than 5&6.

Tell me... Out of curiosity.

Have you played GTA VC&III, or did you jump into the series at IV&V?

Have you played the first 3 Silent Hill games?

User Info: Crimson_Rex

3 years ago#12
gmoshier posted...
edward18 posted...
You're free to like whatever. I'm just saying why I don't like this (or anything 4-onwards).

So then why do you hang out on this board so much if you dislike anything RE 4 onwards? I also find it perplexing that you say you dislike this game and yet you have never played RE 6. I personally despised Saints Row 4 and Dark Souls and I don't hang out on those boards.

Because common sense is a foreign concept to this guy.
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  3. i enjoyed the game O.o

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