Good GOD Merc players are the worst!!!

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So those of you who have been on the boards for more than a week know I've been a huge merc fan since the game came out, and a competitive one at that. Yes, I fully admit I'm a high score chaser, and I am 100% okay with that. Because I'm also a nice guy. I respect the rules of etiquette. I set my lobby to 'Highscore Hijinks' on the rare moment I want to play with randoms and I stick mostly with other like minded players so nobody gets butt-hurt and I don't get annoyed.

When I do play with randoms, I adjust my expectations, I just have fun, I secretly love when they kill the secret boss early after I activate it because wow it makes the game so much easier.

I played almost exclusively the zombie maps- was proud of my 1.446 in UC, 1.437 in MTD, 1.52 in CT and 1.58 in RM. It was hours and hours and hours of map grinding, new strategies, new routes and tons of failures to learn from.

So imagine my sadness when during my move from NY to CA that almost all my other save data was fine, except RE6 got corrupted. So I've had to replay the whole story to unlock the maps, luckily I was able to just redownload the DLC maps and last night I decided to give Mercs a try again for the first time in months.

I set up a lobby- I have no skills and no score, I put 'playing for fun'. 8 people in a row joined and immediately left. One person did it three times (I guess they kept forgetting my screen name and just rejoined because I had the most bars). I decided to join someone else's instead. I join a playing for fun match and the guy has scores between 900,000-1.15m in UC. Which tells me he can complete the combo generally but doesn't hold the boss. That's fine. Nope, immediately kicked and is nice enough to send a message saying 'sorry no offense, don't like playing with total noobs, after you play a few times we can play' - I sent him back a message explaining I knew the game quite well and could easily get him a better score and he said 'don't be mad that I kicked you, just play the game instead of lying'

Join someone on CT with the lobby of 'Playing for Fun', my favorite map and one I'm which very strong in. I can generally hold both Lepos to completion about 75% of the time- I hardly ever get grabbed or killed and instead the only problem I have are keeping the idiots alive the whole time. Guys highest score is 1.09m, I can easily get him to the 1.2-1.3 range without holding Lepos from the time building alone, but nope I'm kicked. I finally put on Item Plus just to show one skill and kicked again. I send him a message saying 'Trust me, I know this game, I can play this map' and he sends back a message 'I don't have time to teach a brand new player,'

Join a third lobby and the guy boots me, though at least he tells me on the mic it's because I don't have any scores, and I couldn't turn mine on fast enough to reply.

Finally one guy with a score of 278,000 accepts me and on the first try in UC in 5 months, I do pretty well- didn't even think about holding the Napad once he spawned. I had a ton of fun remembering the routes and controls (Still got the daze/dog trick down perfectly) and ended up getting the guy not only his first 1m score, but a not too shabby 1.19 as well from all the time building.

So if I was ever a jerk to someone, this would be my just desserts- I'm just really glad I'm not, because man you should really take a chance sometimes on someone who isn't displaying scores or skills.
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"Expect nothing. That way you will never be disappointed."
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Personally this is why I hate competitive gaming. It's ridiculous. The only game I've played at competitive level is Left 4 Dead 2, but I stopped after about a month. It becomes a chore and a job to do rather than actual fun, which is what games are ABOUT. And people, like what's happened to you, don't give you a chance and immediately berate you for making a mistake ("Oh noes! You lost the combo! May as well kill myself!").

People turn into a-holes online cause of the whole not face to face thing I guess. Split-screen Mercs is far more fun, even if the resolution is screwed.

Online gaming in general, especially with less popular games as this, is always really annoying and unfair unless you're playing with friends, and that's IF you can get an actual freaking connection (which is rare in Australia if the game has been out more than 1.25 seconds and doesn't have Battlefield or Call of Duty in the title).
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Came into the topic expecting some horror stories. Was horribly disappointed. I need basementdude so I can exchange 400 ehuggies.

But if this is the worst you've encountered, then that's nothing.
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if you are already competitive in merc, you should have already played enough people and added enough merc players in your contacts who can help you, right?

I mean even if you switch to another ps3, all of your contacts in your PSN account should still be there. there's gotta be someone that can help you get back on track.

and I am still wondering why you removed me from your contacts even though we barely played for a few games. you helped me got 1.40 on mtd and then you just cut me off for some reason.
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Same here.
These people are ridiculous, acted like they're "top dogs". I had two accounts, used both of them on RE6 mercenaries. There was this one girl who's very immature and overly-arrogant, but very sensitive to anger. I went to her session, she had a 1.4 million as Chris (Regular), I have no score as Jake. She kicked me out the last day, but the day after, she gave me a chance.

I made a mistake doing the QTEs from a Lepo-monster, I was like "damn" because we making a huge combo and I don't want to messed it up so I died. She don't mind playing it again, we finally made a combo. - Normally, I not going for high scores, just needed enough skill points for the master weapon items for the campaign.

But after we made a successful match, with my help and hers got me into 1.3 million. I got kicked and I told her "What gives?". She told me I'm a noob and she saw how I played. I told her "That's none of your business, worry about yours" and what I said is true because if it wasn't for me, she would died because she failed the QTE from that thing.

I told her that. She got haze-raged, then she blabbed about her made my score higher which is half-true, but what's that got to do with anything? I told her that scores don't mean **** to me and I don't care.

She blocked me. It took place in catacombs, I know the secret boss secret behind it, I forgot it after we did the match because haven't played mercenaries for a while.

But I knew this game since it came out and I capable of making a high scores and I knew all hidden boss secrets in every arena.

Heck I even gave 2-3 or extra more chances to my random partners if I were to hosting "High score Hijinks" or "Serious players only" and they died against the monsters.
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sbn4 posted...
Came into the topic expecting some horror stories. Was horribly disappointed. I need basementdude so I can exchange 400 ehuggies.

But if this is the worst you've encountered, then that's nothing.

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I want ehuggies dammit. >:(
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This is why I don't play competitively lol. I had this game from day one and once I broke 1.3 million in Duo on Urban Chaos as well as broke 1.1 million in Solo, I just stopped caring. The only RE game I played competitively was RE5 Verses (which at one point I held the top spot in the leaderboards for Slayers in the mines map) and even then it got boring. I'd rather play with a semi competent player who just wants to have fun rather the a "hardcore" player who is striving to get that mystical perfect session (they rarely happen).
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DanielSpace79 posted...
So those of you who have been on the boards for more than a week know I've been a huge merc fan since the game came out, and a competitive one at that.

This is where I stopped reading.