Poll: What is the best Resident Evil game?

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StrykeBlayde posted...
I sense a slight bias against anything post-CV.....hm.....

Not necessarily bc just about all the post CV games has more votes than CV.

Now if you're talking about their description in the poll, I agree.
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Well, they are brown and gray shooters. Seriously, ever since RE4, level design has taken a shotgun shell to head. Not only do they have a serious brown and gray problem, but the levels devolve into linear hallways. It just gets monotonous along with the gameplay.
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The games have become a tunnel where you shoot stuff and walk forward.
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7 people voted for RE6?! this poll lost all meanings.
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#352020_NinoPosted 6/15/2014 11:30:00 PM
Resident Evil 2.

The story's okay but got bogged down by the weird set up of the police station (seriously). The game gives you enough so you can either go rambo but not plentiful to go full bast all the way on normal difficulty, and I like both of the characters.

Really, if it wasn't for the odd puzzles, this game would be close to perfect for its time.
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#36Ghaszaszh_NyirhPosted 6/17/2014 7:53:22 AM
RE3 because it has the best gameplay by far of the static camera RE games. You're playing the wrong series if you go into RE for story so if you hold RE3's lack of story against it then you're not making sense.
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I go into ANY series partly for story. It's the combination of gameplay, music, controls, story, graphics, and all the other components that make a game, not one single component.
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For me, without a doubt REmake, followed closely by RE4.
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#39ItsAboutStylePosted 6/17/2014 5:16:46 PM
Also, Revelations doesn't have QTEs...
You aren't exactly Mister Current Affairs are you, Tommy? "Mad Fist" went mad, and "The Gun," shot himself.
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SiLVeR_420 posted...
Hewie3 posted...
RE2 & RE0.

RE2 is always fun to go through & RE0 is superior in nearly everyway to REmake.


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