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2 years ago#21
Uh...Daniel? He isn't trolling, my friend. He's just voicing his opinion on scores in Mercs. I've played with him before. He just doesn't see the need to go for higher scores. His other replies bordered on sarcasm and indifference from what I can gather.
2 years ago#22
Hey CPU- how's it going!

In my experience and personal opinion, had he come on to a thread that was titled 'Mercs' or 'Mercenaries' of a more general nature, etc and expressed that opinion, I'd be a lot more tolerant and forgiving of his opinion. He does that as I've seen a few times, that's fine.

But going into threads (my own included) that are clearly titled and focused on high score achievement, whether to ask map strategies, share a new record, ask for a high scoring partner etc, just to express his open disdain for high scores, is, in my opinion trolling.
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2 years ago#23
I'm doing fine. Thanks for asking. I could see how it would be trolling from your POV, but I can assure you that sbn4 isn't openly trolling your threads. He's actually really cool. I'm not exactly sure it's disdain, as it means that he would then consider it beneath him, but I can't say cause I'm not him. The interactions, and games, we've had though leads me to believe it's more of an indifference to him. Kinda like "We got a new high score. Nice. We didn't get one. Ah well. It's cool." is the best way I can word it.

The mention of "getting a slightly higher score that doesn't matter" comment I can relate to. For the past several months I completely dropped out of the Mercs 3D competitive scene. The changes to the game completely destroyed every single thing about RE5 Mercs that made it awesome. The enemy HP is no longer streamlined, bosses actually exploding on you/kill nearby enemies because they're dumbasses that stand there and end up reducing your score, crappy netcode (bosses, melees, and other things will not count towards the score at times), etc. completely made it significantly more luck based than skill based compared to RE5. I get where he's coming from. I honestly don't think he's intentionally trying upset anyone, but instead just voicing how he thinks.
2 years ago#24
Wow, totally forgot to respond to this thread. But thank you for sticking up for me CPU-Z. My notions of high scores are exactly that. If we get them, cool, if not, I'm not going to fret too much over them.

I'm actually very capable of playing for high scores as well. Its just that saving bossing, memorizing where enemies spawn is more tedious than fun. And as I've mentioned before the general attitude of most high score players is deplorable. My Battlesuit Jill in RE5 Mercenaries was very good. But do you know how many Weskers booted me because I didn't use Wesker? I wonder if I'd even get to play if I brought out BSAA Chris. And even in this thread, someone asked why do the extra little numbers matter. The TC replied somewhat sarcastically (maybe I am reading him wrong but it seemed that way). And even in terms of skill level (especially RE6), it seems that its very luck based, and more of a test of patience rather than how good you are at the game. RE6 Mercenaries doesn't seem to care how good you are sometimes, because it can be really random and broken. I'd also like to mention, I am a pretty helpful guy when it comes to Mercenaries and am always willing to share strategies. But constant restarts over the smallest things is irritating. I recently played with a friend who wanted to save bosses in RE5, but I got pissed at her because she was bossing me around. Oddly enough, I played better when she wasn't giving me any "directions."

And CPU, I had no idea you still played Mercs 3DS or that you quit recently. That game was so much fun, but I agree that the game had too many inherent flaws once you played it for a while. I personally thought it was really dumb how enemies would spawn and stand around near there spawns instead of hunting you down. Either way, I think the thing I hated most was Jill getting nerfed so hard in Mercs3DS from RE5.
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2 years ago#25
they were b-ing about number notations, not playing philosophy.

having the next 3 digits written before decimal point make more sense when trying to convey the score because it doesn't involve rounding.

now about what you were saying
you may think generic highscore and someone who truly understand the stage might make no difference, but after I watched several videos on how the topscorers play, it blows my mind what they actually pioneered just to squeeze that extra score. seeing setups and strategies that no one ever thought of is refreshing. they are creating new legends that will always impress people regardless how small these achievements are.

I am not sure you watched some of those montage videos of no name games played by asians, but they show that they truly understand the game in a much more intimate manner than casual players. of course resident evil 6 is just a game with 0 competitive element in it so not many people care to explore this game further.

another reason why I think people take gaming seriously instead of casually is because the competitive gaming scene changed what we think of video games forever. many multimillionares make their fortune by gaming alone. sure you may think it's just a game, but you can say the same about any sport or any hobby. still, someone is making a living off what you perceive as a hobby.

even though resident evil 6 is really just a casual game, some of us simply carry that serious mindset over when we play the other games.
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2 years ago#26
No prob, sbn4. I do still play 3D, but only for fun. I've found how to make Jill decent in 3D.
2 years ago#27
To CPU- I always appreciate your neutrality and general focus on facts- in this case though I am going off of at least 5 threads in memory, (2 of which I believe were mine) in which sb indicated open disdain for players focused on high scores- he eventually, explained exactly what you and he re-stated on the reasons and rationale when I called him out on his deliberate negativity. The way you he and phrased it would be fine (if not redundant as he tends to express this opinion on every thread dealing with high scores) but he and I have had this conversation a few times, as I don't exhibit or engage in the behaviors he has seen from high players and don't like the implication that my enjoyment of the game is somehow 'less valid' because I strive for those high scores. The O/P marked it as a high score topic- he finally achieved 1600K on SB, so if you don't like high scorers or their strategies- then deliberately coming into the topic to express the opinion that your high scores don't matter or are simply a primarily pointless mark of how much time you've wasted, is trolling.

Not really going to press it further though- I know how he feels and he knows how I feel and we've probably irritated each other enough with our repeated haggling- But cheers to you for making sure we don't give into our more base instincts of relentless arguing on an internet board :-D
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