Best resident evil soundtrack?

#11ManjiSTPPosted 7/10/2014 3:07:43 PM
I think that "save room" music in RE2 is the most memorable. It's used to great effect in that episode of Spaced, the English sitcom. I can't find the exact moment, but this is also from that episode and shows a scene from RE2.
#12parkourboybryanPosted 7/10/2014 3:12:21 PM
A tie Between RE2, REmake, and the Outbreak Games. All 3 of those games have impeccable soundtracks.
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#13neetking0021Posted 7/11/2014 12:43:32 PM
Resident Evil 4 Final fight soundtrack
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#14BlueSalvationPosted 7/11/2014 1:01:38 PM(edited)
Resident Evil Code Veronica has the greatest soundtracks in my opinion. I can't pick one from all the others, it wouldn't feel fair. Resident Evil Outbreak does the same thing for me. I can't just pick one.
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#15SSJ_JinPosted 7/11/2014 1:20:04 PM
They each only have like one or two good songs. So the best soundtrack is a mixtape of the best ones.
#16Hero3zizPosted 7/12/2014 4:14:15 AM
DEFINITELY Resident Evil 2.
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#17bybyrPosted 7/12/2014 6:27:45 PM
I love re 1 and 2. while the original games horrified me (at that time) I didn't realize the soundtrack is very very beautiful.
#18Neutron15Posted 7/12/2014 10:59:44 PM
RE 3, 0, Remake/1, 2, 4 5 CV
#19ManjiSTPPosted 7/15/2014 3:30:47 AM
I've been playing Umbrella Chronicles recently and that has some really good music, certainly more memorable than the majority of RE stuff.