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Guess Capcom is gonna take some modes from ORC's Multiplayer. (Archived)Hewie324/12/2012
Leon cool look without the jacket (in trailer) (Archived)Doom_Infinite14/12/2012
Pre-Order Bonuses Reveal (Archived)sehr014/12/2012
The J'Avo sound interesting... (Archived)Sombrero_Shadow64/12/2012
who is carla? (Archived)XnemesisXo24/12/2012
So with all 3 scenarios playable from the start... (Archived)
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I hope there is a bingo mini-game. (Archived)DarkJaydragon14/12/2012
Chris Tragedy... (Archived)Morrigan1274/12/2012
New Chris voice actor? Too much angst (Archived)
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full body pic of carla yet? (Archived)Grey_Asakura24/11/2012
Rumored 4th Scenario (Archived)turtles123644/11/2012
Wesker JR is a clone, in the end he`ll be the new wesker (Archived)
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No puzzles just means its catering to the ADD gamers (Archived)
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Can_______ survive ________ ? (maybe spoilers) (Archived)ma994/11/2012
What DLC would you like to see? (Archived)grape_escape64/11/2012
Hopefully NO DLC (Archived)
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Sign here if you 'd get the Platinum Edition if it were available where u live (Archived)snoopfaqer34/11/2012
I really hope we can turn off the waypoints (Archived)Coryo6182724/11/2012
The main reason Leon stops Chris from shooting Ada... (Archived)
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I prefer only one scenario... (Archived)GabrielX-X74/11/2012
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