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I'm calling it - Jill Valentine will have her own DLC scenario (Archived)
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Change was needed for the series (Archived)
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"I Want to bring back the Classic game but with a bit HD Graphics" (Archived)777residentevil43/22/2012
I can live with it being co-op again, but not that awful save/inventory (Archived)SolidSnake678583/21/2012
can we please have leon's re4 outfit as an alt? (Archived)
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We all made these jokes once... (Archived)_NeroZero_23/21/2012
Dialogue system (Archived)
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I thought this was suppose to be a reboot? (Archived)
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I want this gun (Archived)
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''Fear you can't forget''...? (Archived)
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What would you want in a special edition copy of RE6 down the line? (Archived)ReceiverxWisdom43/19/2012
On disc content found in Operation Raccoon City (Archived)docman864103/18/2012
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What's with Leon's hair? (Archived)
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