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Why no black people in RE6? (Archived)GrayFoxUK71/22/2012
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Claire Redfield = Blonde Girl (Archived)
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Your reaction: HUNK is revealed to be Alex Wesker (Archived)
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Has RE always been about Zombies, or maybe it's B.O.W.s in general? (Archived)andsoitends81/22/2012
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Has anyone else realized that this game is a PREQUEL to RE5? (Archived)metalheadjake1261/22/2012
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Chances of Claire Redfield appearing? (Archived)DampRevil81/22/2012
I actually want Outbreak File #3 sometime soon. (Archived)Brady672_AT_fan81/22/2012
So does this game still take place in 2008-2009? (Archived)thompsontalker751/22/2012
Official XBOX website says RE6 is set in 2013. AFTER RE5. (Archived)
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So, who thinks the new mechanical Nemesis is going to be Leon? (Archived)D33p_Inside51/22/2012
RE Year (Archived)Big_Hurt81/22/2012
I'm shocked at how many of you self-proclaimed RE fans believing--- (Archived)
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