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has chris really been in 3 straight main games? (Archived)
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Chris says the "b" word? (Archived)
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The bald guy AKA MR. Kungfu really is (Archived)linkdarrel41/21/2012
That big monster in the trailer is Mikhail Victor (Archived)Sise_Neg51/21/2012
This game is a survival horror, like the movie psycho is a rom-com.. (Archived)thedeparted9441/21/2012
Capcom screwed over thier gay and female demographic (Archived)
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Is this game set after RE5? (Archived)
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RE6 logo cannot unsee (Archived)
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A character needs to die.... (Archived)JunDageki21/21/2012
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Resident Evil Damnation? (Archived)
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disapointed that steve is not the main character in this gme! (Archived)roiwa211/21/2012
So does anyone actually believe this? Multiplayer info. (Archived)LilCrimsonNemo91/21/2012
I am disappointed I can't get this game. (Archived)Louie The Lizard81/21/2012
My Thoughts On The RE Series . . . (Archived)turtles123641/21/2012
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