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So we play as 3 different characters? (Archived)xXTHETMANXx101/21/2012
Aspects I hope they carry over from RE4/5 i.e Upgrade system etc (Archived)danny_S_0611/21/2012
when are Ada and Leon gonna get it on? (Archived)Jereth851/21/2012
Some less-known confirmations: (Archived)
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My concerns after watching the trailer... (Archived)justin_Oneal61/21/2012
what's more likely to happen? (Archived)lebronwadebosh61/21/2012
Can you walk while shooting on this one? (Archived)D33p_Inside81/21/2012
We seriously need Barry in Resident Evil 7. (Archived)Ichiko_36831/21/2012
Too much in one game? (Archived)
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Mutated Leon? (Archived)
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Leons Voice actor? (Archived)Yatming491/21/2012
Is Claire still a main character or secondary protagonist now? (Archived)CTU_00731/21/2012
What's with the desperate need for Ashley? (Archived)
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A Good Year For Resident Evil (Archived)
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Gametrailers thinks blonde is Ashley (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
This is not Survival Horror (Archived)
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Sherry is back! (Archived)
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Been an awesome week. (Archived)Yuji Kaido51/21/2012
Las Plagas may also be crashing the party.. (Archived)HelloNel61/21/2012
Can we expect more games from RE now? (Archived)MyMentorSnake81/21/2012
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