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Soon to come hints about Mystery Man? (Archived)DeathGodGarra51/20/2012
RE6 logo looks like Thundercats and bone fish (Archived)GodXII11/20/2012
Any word on Co-op? (Archived)SpeedPhantom41/20/2012
Stranger Stranger! AHHH Ill buy it at a high Price! (Archived)Shacrob51/20/2012
Different gameplays for each of the protagonists? (Archived)jb_10rvd21/20/2012
Blond Girl (Archived)
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What does Ashley's dad being the President have to do with her being a bodyguard (Archived)Hello443881/20/2012
the knife (Archived)YermomHoudini81/20/2012
so what do you think the signifcance of the web in the logo (Archived)ma921/20/2012
This dude thinks Sherry is obscure (Archived)
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Capcom is bringing suspenders back (Archived)Doom_Infinite21/20/2012
Wesker theory...? (RE5 spoiler I guess) (Archived)tubbycustard91/20/2012
Let's clear some things up. *minor spoilers read at own risk* (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]
Ahh, good old Resident Evil (Archived)PDGMTG21/20/2012
one thing that always confused me about the timeline (RE 2 + 3 spoilers) (Archived)Tuggboat112131/20/2012
I need RE friends to talk about this... this can't be happening. (Archived)
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So is the chick with Leon Sherry? (Archived)
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Operation Cat City looks just as fun as this game. (Archived)shotgunheadshot21/20/2012
Claire needs to return? Thoughts? (Archived)
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Nov. 20th seems too... early for this game. (Archived)Maxim Bryant31/20/2012
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