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This game needs Claire. Specifically, Claire with Leon (Archived)EmeralDragon2361/20/2012
Seems like they are afraid to use a female lead in the main series anymore (Archived)
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how come every character ever isnt in this game? (Archived)G-Scythe51/20/2012
The truth behind Raccoon City (Archived)Tixus11/20/2012
How long has this board been up for?? (Archived)DigimonTrainer41/20/2012
Resident Evil Chronicles HD Collection...for PS3/Move (Archived)
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Leon better have some one-liners like RE4 (Archived)
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The overabundance (Archived)este91431/20/2012
Then, what happened to "Damnation" movie? (Archived)UltimateSol41/20/2012
Leon:Horror Chris : Action (Archived)
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Capcom planned to attract CoD fans and others like (Archived)MrOrigami11/20/2012
I want the inventory of RE4 and the stash box of RE1 - 3 (Archived)
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Offical Trailer (Archived)BloodKain20341/20/2012
I hope Ashley does not get raped in this one :( (Archived)ShampooMctavish51/20/2012
They should bring back Crimson Heads. (Archived)The_Djoker41/20/2012
it's official: capcom does not know what "horror" means :P (Archived)squiggy999699971/20/2012
It's about time! (Archived)JugsofMilk11/20/2012
am i the only one who wanted all new characters? (Archived)squiggy999699961/20/2012
Voice Actors (Archived)
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At the very least I can hope there is no co-op. (Archived)UncleWesker101/20/2012
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