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If RE6 is anything like Lost in Nightmares..... (Archived)Yayyy12351/20/2012
You guys do know there is a reason for RE becoming more actiony right? (Archived)
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Clearly the zombies in this aren't Chinese... this is racist! (Archived)BlueHegde81/20/2012
I think the woman leon's with in the trailer is (Archived)
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My face when I saw the trailer (Archived)gamerbug9431/20/2012
Scarface seems to be Chris' rival in RE6: (Archived)ElusionM_0821/20/2012
Logo talk (Archived)liamx200061/20/2012
It isn't survival horror or action horror. It's Dramatic Horror. (Archived)
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Is Resident Evil Gaiden canon? *maybe spoilers* (Archived)CHADbomb31/19/2012
Anyone going to go play this in SF today (Archived)BlueHegde61/19/2012
Chris kills Ada (Archived)ElusionM_0861/19/2012
Is Ada in the trailer? (Archived)AgnoShrimp91/19/2012
CAPCOM announces $10 Dlc with release (Archived)BlueHegde91/19/2012
So apparently... (Archived)ElusionM_0861/19/2012
The Giant Monster Chasing... (Archived)LilCrimsonNemo61/19/2012
Game is ONLY in 3D and only uses move controller (Archived)BlueHegde51/19/2012
Something about this poster.. (Archived)
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Leon vs Chris Fight? (Archived)Mitsuhide1131/19/2012
If Chris doesnt punch a volcano.... (Archived)Cobra101031/19/2012
i bet my account that the new guy is alex wesker (Archived)PrinceOfFallout61/19/2012
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