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What does going back to the roots of RE really mean? (Archived)
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Think the mystery organization Ada Wong belongs to is behind this? (Archived)nervmeister21/19/2012
Resident evil eh? Moar liek President Evil amirite? (Archived)g626051/19/2012
Leon S. Kennedy (Archived)vann6541/19/2012
People speculate on Sherry every game (Archived)
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Theory Thread (Archived)chiefsfan161/19/2012
I got so pumped at the start of this trailer...then totally let down. (Archived)jarjarbanks2291/19/2012
Capcom said this was a reboot of the franchise? LOL (Archived)strider21311/19/2012
Co-op (Archived)Famine_10f451/19/2012
I hope Ark Thompson makes an appearance (Archived)ma911/19/2012
To settle all doubts about the quality of this game..... (Archived)dinoalador51/19/2012
so,Leon's voice changing is definitive,right? (Archived)
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shaka de virgem111/19/2012
Is Wesker Going To Be Back? (Archived)FreeRangers61/19/2012
So Alex Wesker finally shown? (Archived)EddyRaja21/19/2012
Which classic B.O.W.s do you want to see in this game? (Archived)Sise_Neg31/19/2012
Was that blonde girl Ashley? (Archived)
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Story prediction (Archived)okamhunite21/19/2012
Would you like a section where leon goes back to raccoon? (Archived)Murderstorm11751/19/2012
Will you still buy "Operation Raccoon City"? (Archived)
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RE timeline 6 was noted to happen after RE5 NOT before (Archived)Moonlightnite51/19/2012
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