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how cool would it be to have a r e game like pokemon snap? (Archived)saberstrom72/5/2013
why is leon partnered with helena? he is dso, she is secret service. (Archived)saberstrom52/5/2013
If they reboot raccoon cities & area as 1 package (Archived)tehhead32/5/2013
will jake be offered a position in the dso? (Archived)
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Your Highest Mercenaries Scores (Archived)
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The most attractive resident evil character (Poll)
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What's the highest selling RE game? (Archived)
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finally PS3 owners get DLC. about time capcom. question is when in february? (Archived)
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DLC release (Archived)
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Doesn't anybody ever play the old... (Archived)MastherBeBad22/5/2013
I don't understand Capcom - how are RE6 sales "disappointing"? (Archived)
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So... what do you think the new enemy in the HD version of Revelations is? (Archived)
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