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how does agent kill napad in mercenary? (Archived)
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What RE games to go through if all I'm after is the story? (Archived)
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So how come the racism controversy isn't nearly as big for this game as for 5? (Archived)
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Oh god. The J'avo's chinese lines! They're are all so proper and formal!! (Archived)G1ingy1011/11/2013
Capcom recycled Dante's image. Into JAKE??. (Archived)kujataeliot911/11/2013
So how much am I missing if I play Professional/No Hope mode and not the other? (Archived)G1ingy811/11/2013
Why can't I pick up ammo? (Archived)BandersnatchGo311/10/2013
Need Someone To Play Online With! (Archived)AyooAnarchy611/9/2013
Mercenaries help ;w; (Archived)Darkzhooter411/9/2013
Why do people seem to think we need to go back to the old RE to get scary games? (Archived)
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Strong Nudity? (Archived)Acheive2601011/8/2013
RE6 sales at 5.2 million, Rev at 1 million, RE7 most likely for core fanbase (Archived)
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Just curious... (Archived)SlNFUL511/8/2013
Shooter or Survival-Horror? (Archived)
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I think Helena has more importance than Leon in RE6. (Archived)Claryfray411/7/2013
Here's what I don't get in classic vs RE6 in terms of fight or flee (Archived)
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Which girl in the series has the loudest dying scream? (Poll)sailormoonfetis511/6/2013
Why is it that people who hate RE6 only play on easy or normal? (Archived)
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Poll: Do you use Resident Evil.Net? (Poll)Jx1010911/5/2013
IMO the bosses in RE5 were better than the bosses in this game (Spoilers) (Archived)warrenmats1011/5/2013