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Ever joined a merc lobby and get a s*** talker with a mic? (Archived)
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Why does Ustanak.. (Archived)blizzardrg410/15/2012
Wow this game is difficult!! (Archived)9-Tail-FoXX710/15/2012
Anyone else think its annoying how they zoom up so close during melee combos? (Archived)HavocLink210/15/2012
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LH ammo? (Archived)jonny41177310/15/2012
How do I unlock the BSAA/HUNK lookin guy!? I need it now. (Archived)
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When are we getting new Merc maps? (Archived)MrMojoRisin357410/15/2012
Region Question (Archived)ItachiKaga310/15/2012
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Why did Leon become a police officer again? (Archived)
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How many of you use split screen in RE6 ? (Archived)NavySeal-103510/15/2012
? about Def lv. 1-3 (Archived)Heatherlover510/15/2012
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How many people hold off on buying b/c lack of physical manual? (Archived)
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What if the Real Mega Buster and Frank West was in this game. (Archived)Nathbuds123210/15/2012
ada EX is up (Archived)CabezaDeAlfiler810/15/2012
Another Alexia? (Archived)
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Anyone notice the missing block in Jakes cutscene timeline? How do I unlock it? (Archived)Ryan-06410/15/2012