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What Historical Metaphor do we see in RE6? (Archived)strawberry11610/14/2012
looking for really good partner to play mercenearie (Archived)SkyHeaven210/14/2012
Is there a RE 1 2 3 collection on PSN? (Archived)MrMojoRisin357910/14/2012
My boy Jake needs to **** Sherry. (Archived)
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Inventory accidentally opening during breakout QTEs (Archived)nina_chan910/14/2012
Resident Evil for the Game Boy Color (Unreleased) (Poll)Delta0126810/14/2012
What is this? A weird glitch? (Archived)KittenLina410/14/2012
Does the melee skill increase Jake's hand to hand (equipped) power? (Archived)Nedus1510/14/2012
Romance in RE (Archived)GraniteX310/14/2012
games similar to re5 re6 (Archived)RV1709110/14/2012
I'm surprised, the Carla spore was the only enemy ever in RE to creep me out. (Archived)
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Can I rack up big skill points playing Mercs... (Archived)MrMojoRisin357210/14/2012
Im sorry but i really hate chapter 1 of Ada's story. (Archived)
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switch skills (Archived)Hansnr1410/14/2012
Umbrella, Tricell, Wilpharma. (Archived)tizimin9210/14/2012
This is the most accurate review online. (Archived)Kyodai_dbostick210/14/2012
skill points (Archived)Hansnr1510/14/2012
Ada talks like a porn star (Archived)
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If this game was called Contra 5 instead, it would've gotten a 9/10. (Archived)Kyodai_dbostick410/14/2012
Optimal altitude for missile deployment? (Archived)DrStrangelove88610/14/2012
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