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[poss spoiler] Stuck on Chris, ch 5 boss, professional diff. (Archived)whitemithrandir910/7/2012
Dat crawl... (Archived)tuznecote510/7/2012
need co-op friends (Archived)
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what did you guys honestly expect from Giraffe Blowjob: The Game? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
What's a good campaign playthrough order... (Archived)JustJimmel610/7/2012
servers fixed yet? (Archived)Sephiroth_01710/7/2012
Alrighty, coop anyone? (Archived)Defyingthelaw410/7/2012
Skill Points TOO Expensive? (Archived)toledoguy452910/7/2012
Chris chapter 2-3 boss help (Archived)warrenmats410/7/2012
Capcom needs to stop introducing new enemy organizations in every game (Archived)
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This topic I say we use it for Ada Wong's campaign. (Archived)1969ShelbyGT500710/7/2012
oh i feel so stupid i know how to get the bsaa guy now and he's not dlc (Archived)vhunter14710/7/2012
Dang Capcom really? That's harsh. -spoilers- (Archived)tomster220110/7/2012
AI partner ? (Archived)SojiroRyoOni710/7/2012
This game is really lacking: (Archived)m4sturch33f610/7/2012
to those who have the strategy guide. (Archived)shnake234310/7/2012
Can someone explain something to me about carla? *spoilers* (Archived)
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What do you guys think of the real time inventory menu? (Archived)simonbelmont21010/7/2012
Any tips on hard mode? (Archived)Griever810210/7/2012
What exactly was Simmons's plan? (spoilers) (Archived)VideoboysaysCube510/7/2012
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