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The engine for this game should be in a new Dino Crisis (Archived)Corndowg96/8/2013
If Capcom did these before making RE7, would you buy it? (Archived)
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who is up for some mercenaries. (Archived)UnknownWin86/7/2013
can't pair up with better players in merc without getting kicked (Archived)
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Leon chapter not showing as cleared. (Archived)xmen26846/7/2013
ITT old speculations for RE6 based from the early trailers (Archived)ma9106/7/2013
Are there good Versus players left? (Archived)Cartwheel_Kick96/7/2013
We lost this EX3 event (Archived)typhoonikan96/7/2013
New Game Plus Confusion (Archived)
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anywhere i can find the sound files to this game? (Archived)K-dizzle16/6/2013
Is Blonde Jill... A fake Jill .... like the fake Ada Wong? (Archived)Jx1010106/6/2013
(Rumor) New Resident Evil: Outbreak leaked for Ps Vita (Archived)
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Chasing Shadows (Archived)XgunsmokeX66/6/2013
Could the Shrieker in RE6 be.. (Archived)Keroro_235056/6/2013
Split screen co-op (Archived)xokennyxo26/5/2013
You know what is sad about ada.. (Archived)
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Just realized graduated Merc Bosses (Archived)DanielSpace7926/5/2013
NoHopeLegend's Mercenary Tier List (Needs Update) (Archived)
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What ever happened to Claire??? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
Shouldn't all the main characters in the game... (Archived)
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