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Is UK patch fixed out yet? (Archived)TsumiNoOukan210/2/2012
I can't resist grinding in Mercs for skill points now >_> (Archived)Snoopydance110/2/2012
So uh, game is pretty godlike. (Archived)PyroSpark110/2/2012
Who else started with Chris' campaign first? (Archived)icewolf74510/2/2012
can wait get this game (Archived)KiNgScOrPiO3000410/2/2012
Duo Mercs is AWESOME (Archived)Kujja110/2/2012
Did they add a p90 to RE yet? (Archived)
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How can I play two player off line? (Archived)Rachelgirl1989210/2/2012
Started replaying RE5 thanks to the Anthology (Archived)KainDjinn210/2/2012
i just beat chapter one of Leon's campaign. (Archived)JREnvoy110/2/2012
Should i get this game if i liked RE5? (Archived)
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Was this supposed to come with a manual? (Archived)DarkBlade22410/2/2012 - Nickname usage? (Archived)Zanin210/2/2012
okay the game sucks but here is the good news (Archived)
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I can see where a 6 or 7 out of ten score comes from... (Archived)acolytes710/2/2012
How much is the actual game like the public demo? (Archived)
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How much RE points do you have? (Archived)
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