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You think this game would ever be MOVE compatible?shotgunheadshot49/7/2012
I find it odd I don't care for this game, yet I was excited for RE5Joeydollaz29/7/2012
So no weapon upgrade system=no treasures to hunt?
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Replay valueBloodKain20369/7/2012
knee crumple melees...still in?GuyverAssasin39/7/2012
Could someone please gameshare the demo with me?TDWPDeadThrone49/7/2012
LOL, some guy online turned Jake's demo into a gladiator pit.StrangerSirKai109/7/2012
remember this?
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I liked Piers' original name better
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Will Playstation HOME do anything for RE6?TMW00189/7/2012
Screw Jill, Claire should have been in this game.
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Do you think there's going to be wagers matches ?ChukuPro99/7/2012
the Remake should have been in anthology
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residentevil.net Not Working?turtles123649/7/2012
So about this whole "campaign will be 60 hours worth" thing...
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RE6 demo code up for grabsZ_Zaw49/7/2012
I love how Chris"s campaign is action packed with enemies.shotgunheadshot79/7/2012
Remember how everyone was saying that Albert Wesker was really dead?
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do u think they might release a sequel to revelations?aquathemaster59/7/2012
"Lone Wolf" mode, via Skills, to be in RE6:
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