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How they got the story's remind me of Sonic Adventure 2. (Archived)Dev44548/4/2012
5 campaigns and mercs? this game is turning to be very big... (Archived)YO45638/4/2012
So they retconned darkside chronicles South american mission. (Archived)vhunter1498/4/2012
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Leon is the best RE character EVER....PERIOD! (Archived)
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Would you buy a fifth campaign as dlc? (Poll)
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So, any news about Jill and Claire being DLC? (Archived)
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Sign if you like all RE games (main entry ones) (Archived)
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Chris dies and Leon and Ada retire together (Archived)
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Total Recall had a Piano Puzzle, "Movie Spoliers" (Archived)dropzone2038/4/2012
if we do back tracking in this game, i would like to see crimson heads again (Archived)The_D_For_Less48/4/2012
Would Jake have survived an Uroboros Apocalypse? (Archived)dropzone2038/4/2012
5th campaign? (Archived)
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Why do fans complain about the new RE games giving you too much ammo? (Archived)
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Would you mind Leon being in the next RE game again? (Archived)
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