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Is there anyone that can contact the producers? (Archived)Lukas45555546/4/2012
Reaction:Revelations ended up being "Resident Evil 6," (Archived)
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Cant wait for the release (Archived)aquathemaster16/4/2012
I want to know if anybody felt "empty" after RE6 E3 Demo (Archived)docman86486/4/2012
Attn: Mister_Zurkon's World (Archived)edward18106/4/2012
I wonder if Coop works like MGS: Peace Walker (Archived)Keir2126/4/2012
Four-Player Madness? (Archived)Goldsickle106/4/2012
Is there going to be a way to turn off the action prompts? (Archived)kangarooz76/4/2012
Helena Harper's voice actress... (Archived)Shorty24o96/4/2012
ada good (Archived)
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I dont trust Helena (Archived)Loki9046/4/2012
So IF someone dies in this game (a main character to the series) . . . . (Archived)Mikura_DSA76/4/2012
"Where is he? I need to know..." (Archived)
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New screenshot of Ada Wong (Archived)Animesetsuna26/4/2012
Carla Radames = J'avo (Archived)Mikura_DSA26/4/2012
Proof RE6 doesn't play like COD (Archived)ElusionM_0826/4/2012
SPOILERS Debra's Fate (Archived)
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I hope we get to control Sherry for >75% of the game. (Archived)
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LMAO the way leon runs confirms its going to be a flop (Archived)
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I can't stand the new orchestral music (Archived)Rikkus_dad56/4/2012
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