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forced co-op again? (Archived)
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Only a steamy hot tub scene with Jill and Claire can make RE6 game of the year (Archived)
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So im guessing Leons campaign isn't gonna be solo :( (Archived)spamcakes64/16/2012
Did they really have to reveal who the new guy was? (Archived)
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Character Info (Archived)fakesoundofprogress74/16/2012
so is the rumor of health regen and infinite ammo from the beginning true? (Archived)
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The customers pay your wages Capcom (Archived)Cobra101044/16/2012
Wesker will transform your family and gf/bf into regenerators, unless.. (Archived)D_Paradigm74/15/2012
Give Chris a Squad that could help him take down the WolfPack (Archived)
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Poll - Would you buy DLC characters and stages for the Mercs mode? (Archived)
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The Spinning Elevator room in RE5 was the worst designed level ever. (Archived)
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Character Backstory *Major Spoilers* (Archived)sinthetic1734/15/2012
So how does the ending for Revelations fit in now *spoilers*? (Archived)
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Who would win in a fight between Chris and the hulk? (Archived)DarkJaydragon64/15/2012
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Guns for preorder (Archived)
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why chris is better then leon (Archived)
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