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RE should have a blend of static and dynamic camera angles like DMC4 (Archived)Farhan_Malik74/14/2012
Capcom running out of villains for RE series (Archived)
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So Jake is to Wesker, as Nero is to Vergil. (Archived)Wesfanboynever94/14/2012
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My dad has a jacket that looks almost identical to Leon's in the $1,200 CE. (Archived)Kenny1864/14/2012
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Can anyone tell me how the story will be *Spoilers I guess* (Archived)burns11223314/14/2012
Why isn't Leon genetically alpha like Chris? (Archived)devastatorX284/14/2012
So who's going to buy the $1,300 Limited Edition of RE6? (Archived)
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so capcom admits that RE6 will not be a survival horror? (Archived)GojiraBiruubato84/14/2012
Since Re5 was like 7 hours long or so, we can expect... (Archived)LeonAndSnake1104/14/2012
Preorder DLC maps announced (Archived)
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is this game better than resident evil 4? be honest (Archived)
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Always having another person with you takes away the tension (Archived)devastatorX254/14/2012
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so, heard re6 got announced. came back. EXPLOSIVE TRAILERS (Archived)Nero_DMC84/14/2012
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why a zombie is better than chris, leon, jill, and barry (Archived)supermvc374/14/2012