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Jill just starred in a RE game. There's no reason to put her in 6. (Archived)
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Leon is smarter than Chris... [SPOILERS] (Archived)
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Will Jake play like Gene from Godhand? (Archived)dropzone2074/12/2012
Was Code Veronica the last truly great RE game? (Archived)
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Why has RE become such a sausage fest? (Archived)
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The scenarios are like this: (Archived)ElusionM_0834/12/2012
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Its going to be awkward if Angela and Helena meet each other. (Archived)
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Why does Chris swap partners so often? (Archived)
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Roid users are losers, and will not get far (Archived)OmegaPillow54/12/2012
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Do you guys believe this will be the final Resident Evil? (Archived)
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I threw a grenade once and killed 50 zombies. (Archived)xConceptx104/12/2012
Lead platform? (Archived)Gohansephiroth34/12/2012
Is anyone most likely going to wait for a 'Gold Edition'? (Archived)
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What was your scariest enemy from RE1-5? (Archived)
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Is it so hard to believe (Archived)antking6154/12/2012