How would you pace chapters?

#1sy-bro22Posted 1/21/2012 11:55:34 AM

So im taking a wild guess there gonna still be sticking to chapters. Which got me thinking (I know this prolly wont happen lol) what if there were Old school RE chapters.

 What i mean by this is have chapters with ink ribbions. You can have your newschool kill everyone till the end of the chapter (checkpoints typewrirters). But imagine if after some action paced chapters, you run into a mansion or a house and for that whole chapter (considerbly longer than the action ones) you have to use ink ribbons, you eventually esacape the place and continue your normal chapters.

 I also liked the night of living dead style chapter in RE4. You just had to surivive the whole chapter, locked in a house, no saves (one of my favourite parts of re 4)

 I think a mix of these diffrent types of chapters would be great, and keep new and old fans happy. (Polly wont happen, the days of ink ribbons are behind us unfortunatley)


 Anyone got any ideas on how chapters should work in this game?