Calling it right here, right now (spoilers)

#1Oldskool_RulezPosted 1/27/2012 3:53:25 PM
Leon, Chris, or both of them are going to die in this game. The Mercenary guy is Alex Wesker, aka HUNK. The blonde chick is Sherry Birkin. The Mercenary guy is not Steve Burnside, although, he may appear due to (what seems to be) the T-Veronica Virus appearing in the trailer. The Zombies in the trailer are infected with a mixture of viruses, not only the T-Virus. When Chris refers to "that *****" in the trailer, he's talking about Jessica Sherawat who betrayed him in Revelations. Leon will not only have to kill his boss (President), but an infected Ashley as well. The game is going to end with the biggest bang we've seen yet, as in, apocalyptic proportions.
There is a new mission objective -
Kill Leon