The logo looks like a giraffe and a women.

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  3. The logo looks like a giraffe and a women.
3 years ago#11

Old topic

3 years ago#12
Whoever made the logo had to know what the were doing. The giraffe is wearing freaking clown shoes.
Why yes, I am a paranoid schizophrenic.
3 years ago#13

I seriously don't see the giraffe...

3 years ago#14
People see weird **** in all kinds of things . Sometimes I see the most unusual pictures in the clouds..or random designs of wallpaper.
"Only the badasses should use the elevator" account of a survivor during a zombie apocalypse
3 years ago#15

Lol I never even saw it that way until someone said that's what it looked like, and now I seriously can't not see it when I look at the 6. I seriously hope they change it soon.

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  2. Resident Evil 6
  3. The logo looks like a giraffe and a women.

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