hope them spiders don't return

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SnizMasterJ posted...
I just hope the regenerator doesn't return I hated those things from RE4.

There is a regenerating something or other. In the trailer you can hear someone (Chris?) yell "It's regenerating!" I think it might be the Javo(?) or whatever the one revealed enemy is called.
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regenerating is nothing a magnum cant fix
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Bring on back some old ones and bring on some new ones! I'll take Lickers back but would love some CV or 3 things back.
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Weren't the lickers from RE2 supposed to be weird mutations of zombies? At least that's what I believed was the original explanation for them...I'm sure RE5 changed that but sort of how Crimson Heads were next-stage evolutions from zombies...Lickers followed after that, then the dark greenish, massive claw ones in the labs underground. How Zombie goes to Licker, I don't know...
I've always hated that..."IMO", like it's an excuse to say the most obscure and stupid dribble to come out the back end. Of course...that's just IMO.
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It was originally that:

a zombie is caused when a human comes into contact with the T-Virus,
a licker is caused when a zombie comes into contact with the T-Virus (via intentional injection, prolonged exposure to high concentration of T-Virus),
and a super licker by additional exposure to T-Virus, though at much more severe levels or length of time.