Leon's RE6 Jacket vs. Leon's RE4 Jacket.

#11brodamuhammadPosted 2/12/2012 6:37:29 PM
I agree on the jacket, though I care way more about how messed up his face looks right now. I have a thread on Capcom's official forums relating to Leon's new looks if you want to check it out and maybe even post showing your support. Thanks!
#12brodamuhammadPosted 2/12/2012 6:39:19 PM
Also Christian Duerre is Leon Kennedy's face model, not Leonardo Dicaprio.
#13CallMeCujoPosted 2/13/2012 6:31:36 AM
his new jacket aint that bad but his RE4 one was cooler!
#14TokyoNightRiderPosted 2/13/2012 7:34:53 AM
I liked his re4 jacket because it had Gum in it :) ...lol jk but honestly idk they both look pretty cool in my opinion.
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#15JackalfoxPosted 2/13/2012 12:35:50 PM
Let's just hope he actually keeps this one.
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#16BrownPack(Topic Creator)Posted 2/13/2012 3:43:50 PM
How long into the game do you think will Leon lose this jacket? My guess is probably towards the middle of the game, he'll lose it in a scuffle.
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