I hope Chris dies.

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4 years ago#1
Not Leon though, he's too badass.
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4 years ago#2
I'm still waiting for them to scrap everything and rebuild from scratch. Give it a few more months when it's around 70% Hahahaha.
4 years ago#3
If he does I probably wouldnt care. He serves no point no that Alex is "dead".
But seeing as how RE5 made me hate him I wouldnt care.
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4 years ago#4

don't you mean Albert not Alex?

4 years ago#5
Leon is too badass? Mr. Lame Emo Hair?

God... Leon fanboys are irritating. And judging from the other comments, Leon fanboys are not very intelligent either. Alex is dead? So Chris is pointless even though he has nothing to do with anyone named Alex? I am gonna kill Leon over and over and over when Operation Raccoon City comes out.

Chris is the first hero of the series, the franchise started with him, he deserves to remain way more than Johnny-Come-Lately Leon.
4 years ago#6
Well, I am going to argue on your last point. Just because Leon came in a later game than a different character, it doesn't make them less iconic/important/cool to fans than that other character depending on the circumstances.

Take Mortal Kombat for example. Characters like Kitana, Kung Lao, Baraka, etc, are all considered just as important and iconic as the originals such as Liu Kang and them. In fact Quan Chi has also become quite the popular and important staple to the series.

I personally have no real hate for Chris, but I must admit I do like Leon better. Hate on his appearance all you want, he's just a character I happen to like.

And just because certain characters are dead now doesn't mean they can't find new purposes for Chris.
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4 years ago#7

@Kyokugen Spirit


Emo hair? You're kidding right? This is why people hate Chris fanboys, if any male character has a hairstyle that's not a crew cut or a shaved head, it's some how emo. Personality wise, RE5 starred a very emo Chris, Leon seemed pretty cheerful through RE4 and Degeneration. And the argument of him being in the first game is dumb too, he was just the generic male character you could choose, like in a pokemon game where you play as a dude in a baseball hat. Claire was added to RE2 later in development to create more of a connection between the games, they probably wouldn't have featured Chris in any future games if it weren't for that. 

4 years ago#8
caffiend7 posted...
don't you mean Albert not Alex?

Yeah oops. I meant albert.
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(message deleted)
4 years ago#10

Internet tough guy^^^^ Anyway, there are plenty of Chris fanboys, they go hate on Leon, and Leon fanboys hate on Chris. I personally like both characters, just prefer Leon, so I'm not even on your list. What I'm saying is that your complaint was incredibly small-minded and nonsensical. Cheerful was the wrong word to use, I'll give you that, but he certainly wasn't "emo" is what I was trying to point out. As for your last point, I don't understand how I ruined the character when you were the one bashing on them in the first place

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