My Thoughts on the Trailer, and some questions.

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3 years ago#1
If Wesker Jr. is actually Wesker's biological son, I'm going to be pissed.
It'd actually be the stupidest thing to happen to this series.
A clone, well, yeah, that'd make 7000% more sense than his son.

But maybe this is Capcom's way of saying "Hey guys, Wesker totally WASN'T gay, SEE, he's a daddy now!"

Same with Jill marrying Chris (If that's even true?). They're just trying to bury the sexual tension. :/ awks.

Also, Chris without Jill in a RE game is stupid. But Capcom loves them some Chris when Jill could easily be the more interesting character.

Also, Where the hell are Rebecca and Barry; and if they end up being evil, I'm going to EAT Capcom.

Also, what happened to Leon's Face? Chris looks pretty much the same as RE5 and Leon's been on crystal meth? cool.

Finally, I'm calling it now, Leon's new partner does not make it to the end of this game. :/
3 years ago#2 know Wesker was human before the mansion right? Is it so inconceivable that he knocked a girl up and then skedaddled?
If HK-47 and GLaDOS had a child, the awesome character they create would cause the video game world to explode. Join the Revengers! (board#: 587986)
3 years ago#3

I totally disagree with you.

First off, I think in a story sense, having a character that is biologically linked to one of the greates antogonists in the Resident Evil universe allows itself interesting story developments. For example, him being compared to his father yet not wanting to be anything like him. How about to make amends with Chris for everything Wesker put him through? Like Chris could be very untrustworthy of Jake because he can't help but see Weske rin him. The clones wouldn't necessarily have the same connection to Albert Wesker as an unkown son would have, he doesn't even realize who his father was/is.

Second Jill without Chris in your opinion is stupid, which is fine. I can understand how after the events of RE1 and RE5 you feel that way. However, in my opinion, Jill had the samllest impact to the overall story. In fact, I feel she was a stronger character by herself in RE3: Nemesis and for practically the entire game scenario of RE1 both Jill and Chris were seperate characters in their own right. It's like saying Rebecca should be with Chris or else an RE game is stupid.

Third, Leon and Chris both look different and I for one like the look. Leon was cool n' all in RE4 and Degeneration, but for the sake of movement in time it makes sense that he'd look older and rougher. Chris looks hella different than he did in RE5, I actually feel his design is a hybrid of the RE: Remake Chris and RE5's Chris. I didn't mind his look in 5, but again that's subjective.

Finally, I hope for dramatic effect that some of these main characters die. he only problem being it'd have to be in a final cutscene or an introduction of yet another character for the sake of cooperative play. In the trailer Sherry's palm is covered in blood. Perhaps she'll be reunited with her parents? Or maybe Jake made the ultimate sacrifice completer polar opposite of what his father would do? I can only hope since none of the main characters have died in a Resident Evil game aside from Steve, but even then, he was really secondary when you played most of the game as the Redfields.

On another note, and just to be clear this is my thoughts, I feel that this game is truly what a "game of the year" game is all about. Before its announcement, I was calling Bioshock Infinite as game of the year, but seeing as how Capcom is pushing a genre forward and raising the bar for what gameplay mechanics should be in a third person shooter, the scope and cinematic approach, pushing for a richer story, 3 complete campaigns, giving fans of both styles of Resident Evil something, and with everything else shown in the trailer that redefines the series as well as the genre this my friend's is what a game of the year should be.

3 years ago#4
Yes, I know he was a human before, but it was never in his 'character' to randomly bone some chick and walk away.
I mean, I didn't create him or anything, but I would see him in a manipulative relationship where his girlfriend/wife is on a tight leash and he does not seem like the kid-friendly type.

I totally respect your opinion, but allow me to elaborate,

I do agree that having Wesker's son; who wants to be nothing like his father is an interesting concept. What bother's me however is his origin. Without any rhyme or reason we're to believe that during his conquest of world domination that he had a kid? I know the series is bad for retconning things into the story, Like Wesker's infection in the first place, but this seems a little ridiculous, even after everything we've seen.

And the whole Chris/Jill thing, I'm a little biased. I played Jill in the original RE, and RE3 is my favorite. I'll admit I never did play Code Veronica, so I did miss out as playing as Chris. But the difference between the two, I feel, is Chris became your typical jar head, fast. Whereas Jill always just seemed to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. I always felt like the odds were against her more, putting her in more demanding situations, where as Chris always seemed too competent and capable. I felt more 'horror' whenever I played as her.

The whole Chris/Leon thing boils down to opinion, nbd.

As for the Characters dying, I have to admit that I'd be extremely disappointed if they killed off any of the characters from the first few games (Chris, Leon, Ada). But I'm not opposed to Hunnigan, Chris' or Leon's new partners dying, Wesker Jr, even Sherry now that you mention it. :/

And I mean, I love this series to bits. This game is gonna be HUGE and I'm going to love every minute of it. I just hope the plot doesn't boil down to the same Action plot that RE5 ended up being.
3 years ago#5
The mother isn't likely some "random chick" Wekser just boned. We probably get some kind of backstory in the game, likely during Jake's story, explaining who she was. And she is likely significant in some way. It might even help flesh out a whole new side to Wesker. You are only assuming the mother is a random chick who is not important at all.
3 years ago#6
At first you sound like you had sense.
Then you just trailed off into a rant.
I mean, to put it simply, Jill is probably on downtime, Leon is 38, there is nothing wrong with an antagonist having a son, and Chris suffers from PTSD which can offer interesting character development, considering he's been dealing with Wesker since Day 1 of RE.
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