Paul mercier the voice actor for LEON ???

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User Info: irfronaldinho

5 years ago#1

We need paul mercier to be the voice character for LEON in RE 6 , wat u say :cool:

User Info: desi_shinobi

5 years ago#2
I would prefer him too.

But apparently its not him, but as long as the new VA sounds like Leon.. Then its all good.
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User Info: CallMeCujo

5 years ago#3
there is already a thread for this that was rather recent about his voice actor so TC you should look using the search function next time to see if there isnt already a chat about this. But I think its someone else and not Paul Mercier.
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User Info: Omninsanity

5 years ago#4
Current speculation is that the new VA might be Matthew Mercer:

User Info: irfronaldinho

4 years ago#5

Wats wrong on having more than 1 thread for a topic :)

User Info: Bristow84

4 years ago#6
And Hitman fans want David Bateson back but it ain't gonna happen.
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User Info: deathjr96

4 years ago#7

He has his same voice actor from Operation Raccoon City

User Info: caboose84

4 years ago#8

I don't think so. His VA in ORC sounded like a ***** most of the time and was a pretty bad one at that. From what I've heard from RE6 trailers so far, his new VA sounds similar to Paul Mercier and actually sounds really good.

User Info: Omninsanity

4 years ago#9
Looks like IMDB updated their cast list:

User Info: CleggyUpdater

4 years ago#10
IMDB is 0% reliable. Everything on there is absolute trash.
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  3. Paul mercier the voice actor for LEON ???

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