Whats the hardest survival horror achievement/feat?

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What do you guys think it is? 10 starring SH2 or 3? Maybe A ranking RECV or beating REmake invisible mode? Or maybe its beating DS2 hardcore mode? Thoughts?
#2mr_metalhead666Posted 4/20/2012 5:42:35 PM
Beating RE invisible enemy mode with only a knife without taking a hit and beating the game in under 3 hours.
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Dead Rising, listening to all of Otis' transmissions... That's insane.
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for me...(im sure others find different stuff to be harder,  but the me horror games are never really that hard...just frustating sometimes.) but the most frustating  moments in zombie game history for me was trying to speed run leech hunter on zero because your A.I. Partner is F***ing stupid, and the second hardest thing for me was Lonewolfing a majority of Resident Evil Outbreak (both Files).....those were some of the most frustrating things in a zombie game I ever tried to do. (again I wouldnt concider this stuff hard....just annoying.)

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but TO me, horror*