So what was Resident Evil 4 (3.5) originally gonna be about?

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did they ever say?
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I think all they revealed was that Leon would be infected with the progenitor virus and it appeared that he was trapped on some massive airplane of some kind. Been a long time.
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There are three scrapped versions of RE4.

The first one is about a superhuman protagonist named Tony who is powered up by a mysterious virus.
This version's gameplay was gonna be very fast-paced and more focused on action but was dropped.
Hideki Kamiya picked up the leftovers and turned it into the game we know as Devil May Cry.

The second one involves Leon fighting supernatural enemies, such as animated suits of armors and dolls, as well as ghosts.
This was explained as Leon hallucinating due to being infected by a virus which makes him see things.
Fans keep on mentioning about a "Fog" version and a "Hook Man" version but based on an interview it appears that these two are from the same incarnation.

The third version of RE4 was supposed to go back to the same old zombies but was dropped due it being "too formulaic".
This version was only mentioned in interviews but was never shown publicly.
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yeah and if you watch closely at the RE 3.5 trailer where he gets hunted by mr hook

the beginning of the trailer, the outside environment with rain is EXACTLY the same location used in RE5: lost in nightmare DLC (just without rain)

yes guys u have allready played a bit of re3.5
show capcom some love
i think they just replaced mr hook with that fatguys model in evil look
the mansion part isnt the same tough, maybe different locations
who knows.. maybe the house was from the version which was never shown
i r0ck
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I think this might help answering some questions about it
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RugterWyper32 posted...
I think this might help answering some questions about it

Holy **** that looks awesome. Coming from a guy who loved 4, I probably would have liked this game more. Heck, they should just change a few things around and release it as a side game. I'm sure they still have it somewhere.
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