Fear you can't forget

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4 years ago#11
Or you know, Chris was afraid he couldn't make it passed all these quicktime events with his stupid partner lagging behind.
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4 years ago#12
me and my buddy have talked about this

if RE6 doesnt have chris getting painful hallucinating flashbacks, then RE5 completely fails as a game
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4 years ago#13

RE5 was a good game but Fear was really absent from it. Only 2 moments that stand out are the area with the Executioner (With no real upgrades) and the Irving fight.

I hope RE6 has some tense moments. If I'm saying OH ****!!! Then they're doing something right.

4 years ago#14
Those viral trailers were just trying to hype up the game as an intense survival horror experience, TC. In other words, Chris feared everything that had happened to him in Kijuju, implying that RE5 would be scary to us as well. (Seeing as those "flashbacks" were all gameplay clips from RE5).

Capcom was right about the "can't forget" part, but it wasn't "fear' I wasn't forgetting. You can't forget something that isn't there in the first place.
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4 years ago#15
I thought the trailers were of Chris overheating. I remember way back in development, before Sheva was even an official character, there was some talk of overheating being a gameplay element.
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4 years ago#16
^ Yeah I remember that now. They were going to use the sun and the sun's heat as a gameplay element. Meaning if your out in the sun for to long, you overheat and start to hallucinate until you get back into the shade. Too bad they scraped it.
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