what ever happened to barry burton and rebecca chambers?

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Hippie84 posted...
I was never keen on how they didn't age Barry and Rebecca in RE5 Mercs Reunion. It just seemed odd to play them against an older Chris.

Those who say 50 is too old for action, you know Bruce Willis was 52 in the last Die Hard. The upcoming Expendables 2 will have Stallone (65), Van Damme (51), Schwarzenegger (64), and Norris (fricking 72) kicking all kinds of ass.

Plus what about Old snake in MGS4?

Old Snake was pretty young. His body was just aged to like a 60 year old man.
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Barry Burton got a shipment of Barry Bonds' steroids and HGH due to a typo in name and address. He's currently benching 750 and will compete with Chris in an RE6 weight lifting mini-game.

Rebecca is alive and more mature and hot and a SCIENTIST who solves crimes using her SCIENCE and when she's got a lead on a case she says a witty line and walks away as she puts her sunglasses on and then "Wont get fooled again" plays.

"Looks like these Zombies.....just ate their last meal....."
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