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4 years ago#1
Now, before I start, I'm not going to dismiss RE6 before it even comes out. I'm just trying to say that it breaks away from a lot of traditions, which may or may not be a bad thing. After all, go to the PS2 section and look up reviews for RE4. A lot of negativity for that one when it first came out for the same reasons, now it seems to be everyone's favorite game in the series!

With that said, there are quite a few things I don't like about this game from the gameplay footage I've seen so far. First, certain staples have been removed, like having to stay still while aiming, crosshairs have been added, minor wounds regenerate quickly, and from what I can tell from what I've seen, their inventories have been expanded indefinitely, so they can carry everything they find. Again, not sure about the last one, since from the videos I looked at they really didn't pick up all that much, but it looks a lot longer than 9 spaces.

Next, zombies are now very fast, and are able to wield guns of their own, and they transform depending where you hit them. This would be ok, but... well, between the changes above and the part about them wielding guns, this game kind of reminds me of Army of Two. And I know that each character is supposed to have a specific theme, with Leon being in a RE1 or RE2 atmosphere, tight quarters, survival; Jake (Son of Wesker, which I have a few plotpoints I take issue with here, like were there any indications that Wesker married or had a son, or just the son part through any of the games?) in RE3 style, with something like Nemesis chasing after him; and finally Chris in RE5 style, which really reminded me of Army of Two, or Gears of War.

Now, here is the kicker... I kind of LIKE this game. Really, I want this game to be made, and I want this game to be sold. I just don't think it should be under the Resident Evil series. It just seems like it's another step towards making the series another shooter, and believe me, we have plenty of shooters already. When I want to kill everything on a screen, I have plenty of games to choose from, but Resident Evil is the only survival horror game I actually own, unique in my expansive library in gameplay and atmosphere. Atmosphere was really absent in RE5, since I always had plenty of ammo, and I had a friend with me playing as my partner. Partners are good things, but when they are right next to you playing in real life, it really breaks your immersion and ruins the atmosphere. Just seems like after Code Veronica X, they stopped focusing on Atmosphere, and tried to gut the game and turn it into a shooter. It worked well in RE4, since it still had an air of impending doom about it, but not so much in RE5. While watching the gameplay footage... I dunno, maybe it's because it was just a video, but I didn't get that same sense.
4 years ago#2
You do make some valid points and I'm glad you aren't like some others who want to completely write this game off cause it isn't there definition of "Survival Horror".

To me RE 4 and 5 are Survival Horror depending how you play them. Granted I will agree that the atmosphere should have most definately have been creepier. In both Re 4 and 5 Capcom just gave you options. You don't have to run around with an aresenal up suped up weaponry but if you choose to you can. WIth RE 5 and 4 I just run around with a shotgun. Granted RE 4 is way more atmospheric then 5 it adds to the tention of having the limited resources.

I really have a question for you did you play RE 5 and if so did it feel the way you are describing the first time you played it or after multiple playthroughs?

It seems the concensus to me that most people are running through RE 5 carring 3 or more guns and if so you are correct its gonna seem action oriented because you are always going to have ammo. I do agree also that the game is overgenerous with the enemy loot drops but it is still random. I challenge anyone to got through the game with limited equipment. To me if feels very RE in the sense of Survival Horror.
King of COG
4 years ago#3
Lets see, first time I went through RE5... That was with my old roommate, and I think we were both being a bit more cautious since we didn't know what was coming. The problem was that they never really jumped anything at us. No seemingly dead bodies suddenly grabbing onto our ankles, no backtracking to suddenly find bodies missing from the floor, nothing. We were carrying two or maybe three guns each, the kevlar, two full heals, and the rest in ammo, so yeah, I guess I never thought about going through with only one gun. The problem with that, however, is even if I do that from a fresh save, sure, the beginning will be tense, but I will only be focused on carrying one gun, I'll still have a partner carrying another, and I'll have lots of room for extra health and ammo, and I only have to focus on upgrading one gun. That leaves some extra funds for other goodies in the shop (Though don't ask me what I'd buy, I don't remember too well).
4 years ago#4
I could care less about fixed cameras it just looks weird with its big a** press A icon, good idea to freely melee but looks pretty inaccurate, & still with the lame QTE just to name a few.

Im not gonna lie im gonna get it (not at full price) eventually but i doubt ill like it but if each players story is around the length of Re5 (wich is B.S. imo its Capcom bro) i guess that would make it worth it.
4 years ago#5
Its just a game. Nothing to take serious or worry about. Just play the games and shutup. Get a job at capcom to work on RE games, then make your complaints to them. Something might be done. Only thing i dislike about this series is how they design mercenaries . I disagree with its design with clocks. I would like to see Raid mode included. We'll see though.
4 years ago#6
shotgunheadshot posted...
Its just a game. Nothing to take serious or worry about. Just play the games and shutup. Get a job at capcom to work on RE games, then make your complaints to them. Something might be done. Only thing i dislike about this series is how they design mercenaries . I disagree with its design with clocks. I would like to see Raid mode included. We'll see though.

Now now Shotgun, no need for that. Remember, this is a discussion board, discussions can take place too. Seriously, I can't help but feel that people on these boards respond aggressively because they aren't confident enough in their own opinions to be able to tolerate other schools of thought coexisting, thus creating a need to trollstorm and derail in a feeble attempt to make the evidence of other sentient consciousness go away. Future Congressmen of America, I suppose. Nevertheless, I digress.

I'm merely pointing out that with this, it feels like everything from the original game it stems from will have completely changed. Zombies can run fast, you can be armed to the teeth, you get plenty of ammo... most instances of open maps and wandering halls in search of what you need aimlessly have been removed, in favor of being a bit more like walking down just one long halway (Sure, there are still some open rooms, and I don't know what we are doing in the new game, but I mean wandering areas you have already been trying to find an antivenom to save your friend before fighting the snake for the sword key, not going around in a big loop to find the stone of sacrifice, then going up a ladder to end up right outside where you need it), and finally, most puzzles seem to be somewhat uninspired. Sure, the whole laser puzzle in 5 was awesome, but that was only potentially difficult because if you move the beam, you may cut your partner in two. No more picking up an arrow to examine it, then finding that the shaft comes off to be placed somewhere specific.

Though, what I really don't like about this game is that it kind of eliminates or limits the possibility of having a game like the first few in this series. I mean, this is it, the virus is out in the wild in multiple nations. Enjoy Leon's gameplay, it may be the last survival game mode in this series, or the last forced survival anyway. After this, all the characters will logically want to be armed to the teeth and fight the virus. It would make no sense to go into a mansion with only a pistol and a knife, zombies are a very real possibility anywhere in 7. Why would Cris or Leon go anywhere lightly prepared? They did that before, and it's not fun for them (It is for us, not for them) Sure, I suppose there could be an accident and most of their gear is sunk in a lake, but now they are idiots for not carrying the stuff on them, and keeping a tighter grip.

Furthermore, where does the story go? My only guess is that they go the route where the whole series turns into the biblical prophecy of the dead rising from the grave, and begins the end of days. Side note, if the series ends with Jesus coming down and telling us that the Virus was his solution to humans killing each other, I swear I'm going to go out and punch every strain of virus, every bacterium, and every parasite on the planet.
4 years ago#7
^ Thanks Dark Bass, that was a good read. I find their too many nitpickers about re6 its bringing it down. You seem to be a pretty smart guy. I do have trouble forming my own opinions. I probably won't say to much on these boards.
4 years ago#8
I think the story will go the way of metal gear and all the waring nations will try to develope their own virus kind of like the nuclear arms race. Which will ultimately end in a stalemate of if you use yours we will use ours type of deal.
King of COG
4 years ago#9
I don't think they will go that way, otherwise it wouldn't make sense why after RE3, the government forbid business with the original Umbrella. Guess there could be a major change of heart, but I would think that the governments in the world would be too afraid of their own strain making it out into the wild like what is happening in RE6.
4 years ago#10
I just want to point out that J'avo are the ones who have guns and transform. NOT zombies. Two different enemy types. That's like calling hunters and lickers, zombies.
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