In the demo.. Was leon (demo spoilers)

#1ImGanondorfLolPosted 7/1/2012 3:16:08 AM
bitten by the guy's daughter in the elevator? I can't tell if it was just a failed button sequence or if it happens no matter what. His health didn't drop.
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Does it matter?
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Well yeah. If he got bitten no matter what, then he should be a zombie @Jawskin
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darthmitten posted...
Well yeah. If he got bitten no matter what, then he should be a zombie @Jawskin

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After all the games with zombies, you should know that such thing doesnt apply to the main chara (AKA: The one you use)
Maybe ORC... but that doesnt fit here
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Obviously, you are supposed to assume that your actual gameplay has no direct correlation to the plot, aside from moving characters place to place. Damage is not retained.

Interestingly enough, however. . . in the (fairly bad) novel series by S.D. Perry, "The T-Virus causes massive damage when it is initially released, but after a very short period burns itself out, making further infection impossible."

So there's a plausible excuse if it's ruining your OHMYGAWDIMMERSION
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It is also revealed in a File that is read in REvelations that: '...these herbs also have anti-viral properties...', referring to the herbs used to heal. So you can just assume that if you heal the wound, you also kill the virus.
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