Demo question about the control option "Aiming: Classic"

#1elheberPosted 7/15/2012 10:45:37 PM
What does it do?
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#2HarleenzPosted 7/15/2012 11:27:08 PM
If it is set to classic, you have the laser line when you aim.
#3Falcon2852Posted 7/16/2012 1:15:17 AM
Swaps the sticks. When you hold L to aim it's normally the right stick to aim and the left stick to move, like it is when not holding L. With "classic" on the left stick becomes aim and right is move. I don't really see any point to it, I think RE4 on the gamecube was like that because it only used the one stick, but for whatever reason they made it an option here.

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