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4 years ago#1
It keeps telling me it cant download anyone else having this problem.
4 years ago#2
I did however instead of doing it from new demos, go to demos by alphabet and go to R and choose Resi 6 and download from there!

Sorry about the confusion, it works though!
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4 years ago#3
Do you have silver or gold access? You have to be gold member to download today or you have to wait a week. Worked for me.
4 years ago#4
i am gold but i will try going in through like he said.
4 years ago#5
nope still not letting me something is up with live also so maybe i can in a few hours.
4 years ago#6
the download isnt working for me as well. "status code: 85150101" ok, great. good thing xbox live went up $10 a year, so now their servers aren't even capable of supporting a popular demo when it releases on a tuesday morning? unbelievable.
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4 years ago#7
i had the same error but now its downloading, try again
4 years ago#8
I had the status code: 85150101 as well, and i try reinstalled my account and it didn't work, so don't try that
4 years ago#9
it's all ok now, you can try.
4 years ago#10
Still not working for me, on PC or Dashboard. Bummer.
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