Boy, do I feel sorry for those who listen to others.

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pure_perv posted...
Boy, do I feel sorry for those who try and justify their $60 purchase

Well if you're not a raving fanboy and come into this not expecting a AAA title, then you wont feel the need to justify on the other hand thinks everybody who's trashing the game are just doing it cause they heard.

Sorry tc, its the general consensus. I been to alot of boards here on gamefaqs and no matter what, they'll always be fanboys who will defend their purchase.....even for a very, VERY bad game like wwe all stars, and other lackluster entries like mvc3, sfxtekken...
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This game sucks.
I'm glad I have someone willing to take it off my hands for fifty bucks.
I'm still invested in the story, as I enjoy all the Umbrella mumbo jumbo and love hearing about my man Leon and my girl Ada, but Jesus, as a game?
This is like nine steps backward.
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Well, you seems enjoying it TC. Mind if ask you, if its a good couch Co-op game? I like RE 5 for the co-op. And is there any interesting game mode a la Mercenaries ? That, i think would decide whether i will buy it or not.