Stupid points/skill system

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Blah blah blah game sucks blah blah blah

If you care to point out the obvious that I am complaining about the game, do not post, but obviously if you think you are terribly clever and have to prove something to random people on the internet, by all means, go right ahead.

Why did capcom do points? wtf do these things do for you IN THE MIDDLE OF A BOSS FIGHT!?!? I open 4/7 boxes only to find points in them. Ya know capcom, at least you were decent enough to put an unlimited ammo option, but seriously, if you are dead set on ruining your franchise then by all means, destroy the in game economy too. I don't know about other people but I actually enjoyed hunting for treasures in re4 (can't remember much about 5) and was excited about the upgrade possibility and picking up different ammo/guns. This is simply one of the poorest implementations of in game currency that I have seen this generation.

While it isn't game breaking, its honestly pretty ridiculous to feel like I scrounged for points/ammo through the entire chapter only to find I got like 20k points and can only buy like 1 thing that may be good/beneficial to me. I just don't understand why game companies are dead set on giving you upgrades (in this case being able to afford them) or another costume AT THE END OF THE GAME. It's bad enough when I am not enjoying your game, but when you reward the player with so little, it becomes pointless.

Stupid me for trying to have fun. Anyone else besides the idiot who is going to say, "I don't know what your talking about, I think its awesome" think that a better system could have been produced?
Don't worry about it. It's just a crutch...
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Don't worry about it. It's just a crutch...
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I agree yet disagree with you.

4 and 5 both had the cash option where you could just upgrade individual weapons and that was in a lot of boxes. Not much of a difference there and here.

While I do see the issue you have where you'd rather get herbs or ammo I think the ration here is only slightly higher of SP to items then 4/5.

The difference is you can upgrade skills so that you find more ammo for X weapon. That to me is a step up. Lets say you want to rely mostly on the shotgun, well then pick the option for increased shotgun ammo, higher enemy item drops and weapon damage. Boom now you are going to be getting more of that ammo and more often. So in that case the skill system is much better then 4/5 where you would find ammo 33% of the time (stats made up) but you end up with machine gun ammo, well you're not suing a machine gun.


I see the issue but you can use those points to insure you get more ammo or what you want more often.