in 20+ years of gaming this is the first game to make me bleed

#11Stardust2592Posted 10/6/2012 12:29:19 PM
TC clearly never played Mario Party 1 on the N64. Certain minigame destroyed so many kids' hands.
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This is the first topic to make my nose bleed.

But that could have a lot to do with the experimental steel-cracking, glass-shattering, jackhammer music in the background.


Why do I hate myself by reading this drivel?
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Stardust2592 posted...
TC clearly never played Mario Party 1 on the N64. Certain minigame destroyed so many kids' hands.

Was actually gonna mention this. Mario party 1 and 2 use to cause your hands to blister up if played for awile.
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#14Incubus421Posted 10/6/2012 1:00:33 PM
Quote:TC clearly never played Mario Party 1 on the N64. Certain minigame destroyed so many kids' hands.

And also the N64s joystick.
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#15UK360GAMER1(Topic Creator)Posted 10/6/2012 1:09:28 PM
And the boring recycled use of the regenerators in EVERY campaign!? God I hate Japanese developers
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UK360GAMER1 posted...
I just finished one of Ada's boss fights and QTE events where all of a sudden you go from combat to having to smash the joystick left and right, yes one of those! I failed about three times so being ready I resorted to the controller killing method of turning the pad sideways and smashing the stick left and right with my right hand, at which point the circular outline under the stick slightly cut my skin.

Wow I mean wow even track and field on the ps1 wasnt this torturous.
I have been a event host and a tester on kinect for two years, i went from ZX spectrum to NES to SNES to ps1 to pc gaming to 360 and gamed all my life of my 29 years, I never encountered something as annoying as the QTE in this game. The gamer in me hates them and the tester logic wonders how the hell they thought this was a good idea and thought the difficulty of these was acceptable!

One reason I know is padding, they put them in knowing you will fail and when you fail you do it again, its called padding and its to make their average game a little longer.

Maybe because you are supposed to spin them, not rattle them back and forth?
#17UK360GAMER1(Topic Creator)Posted 10/6/2012 1:28:00 PM
You mean the display that shows one single stick going left to right, back and forth and not in a circular motion.

Like how everyone hating the rope climbing because of the display.

This game is bad on alot of levels, display of camera and UI are two
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Turo602 posted...
I don't think people know how to play games if they're bleeding from pushing buttons and moving sticks...

remember how the old nintendo controllers use to give you blisters?
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LifelessBoy posted...
Calmly spin both analog sticks in a circular motion.

Problem solved.

That's how I normally do these things.

The problem with RE6 is that there are certain points in the game where you certainly have to apply a bit of manic speed as you rotate the stick - for example attempting to fry those zombies during Leon's Chapter 3 results in nothing unless you're winding fast enough.

What makes things worse is that, if you've played games for a very long time (for example the near-30 years I've been playing them) and for long sittings on average (like me, around 12 hours a day most of the time), you build up slight injuries and weaknesses in your fingers and hands.

From time to time I now get severe arthritic pain in my thumbs and fingers, so some of these rotation QTEs can occasionally hurt quite a lot, but I usually get through them even if I end up putting the game away for about two weeks and trying again when my hands have had chance to recover.
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LMAO try playing blue dragon and DBZ ultimate tenkaiichi

now THOSE are games where QTE are hell XD
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