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4 years ago#1
When you are in the caves and have to avoid Ustanak and kill his bat things, there is a part where you can climb up and get 4000 skill points and then you can see Ustanak in the background guarding another chest, but I always get caught trying to get to it.

What exactly is in that box (I'd assume skill points) and how do you get there without getting caught?
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4 years ago#2
I've never noticed that chest, but you may be able to use Remote Bombs to distract him.
4 years ago#3
oh thats a easy one . i saw it too while playing jakes chapter, becausse i thought might be an emblem over there.

well what you do is very simple when you make it to the hall way stand by the trash can and shoot your gun off to alert the bats. then hop inside.

do this 2 times only

after 2nd time ustanak will get angry and run off leaving the area free to be explored.

i believe it was 2000 skill points inside of it

P.s spoiler alert

he doesnt really leave the area he gets angry and hides near you so he can find out where your hiding then kill you. thats why you can only hide 2 times from him before he kills you while your hiding on any of the 3 parts
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