I was wrong Resident Evil 6 is pretty dam good.

#21TCK93Posted 10/8/2012 7:19:40 AM
I played all the campaigns and all this hate for QTE I don't get. The way gamespot made it seem like it was QTE after QTe. Besides I'm glad they are in the game. Everybody is all of a sudden die hard resident evil fan who wants it to go back to survival horror. Face facts, it won't go back so u might as well adjust. I hope that re7 has the same format of campaigns just like this one. Re6 was a success in my eyes. And I feel i got my $60 worth. The game still has those scary moments in there. I was scared throughout Leon campaign lol. Chris had moments and so did Jake's. But maybe I'm on the outside looking in because I play whatever game seems appealing. I'm a fan of resident evil but not a die hard one. I still don't understand the hate for this game.
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