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User Info: Jamanjax

4 years ago#41

I have a free XBL account for now, but I'll always be down for Mercs once I get gold!
He who has the blues, has a good thing.

User Info: TechaNinja

4 years ago#42
Gt in Sig. Nickname on site should be same as GT.
XBL GT: TechaNinjaa
3DS: 1934-0682-1548

User Info: AviaraBlue

4 years ago#43
GT - BlueAviara.
DD Pawn - Chaos (Fighter/Warrior).

User Info: Lyonheart3

4 years ago#44
GT: Zero ExistenceX

User Info: Crimsin_Giblet

4 years ago#45
GT - KeeganBadger

Site name - Jeathroe

Add me :)
"The only sensible way to live in this world is without rules. "

User Info: dmanxd002

4 years ago#46
nickname and gt = dmanxd001

User Info: Spartan1012

4 years ago#47
o LightsOut x12-GT
Every day, Humans come one step to self-destruction. Im not destroying the world, I'm saving it. GT-o LightsOut x12

User Info: Parge

4 years ago#48
Add Pargestyv! :)
PSN - Parge Eye Have You.
GT - Pargestyv

User Info: StarmanAnthony

4 years ago#49

add me let me know :)
Certifiably Insane 4 years ago#50
Roon Hapoon
I have Advanced Delusionary Schizophrenia with Involuntary Narcisstic Rage!
Official Blastoise of LUE 2010
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